Rule 0: Be kind to each other

Support each other while still following the below rules, respect each other, and don't be a jerk. Any harassment or bullying will not be tolerated.

Rule 1: Don't mess with the Infra

Do not harm the infrastructure itself. Port scanners, DOS attacks, and any attempts to attack the CTFd architecture are forbidden. Any breaches to this rule can result in an immediate disqualification.

Rule 2: Don't share flags or detailed steps

Do not share or ask for flags or detailed steps on how to solve challenges with anyone other than the organizing team. If you have any questions about challenges that may stray into discussing details about challenges, ask an organizer.

Rule 3: Flag Format

Unless otherwise stated, the flag format is maple{[a-zA-Z0-9_@!\-?]+}

Rule 4: Communications with the Organizers

All important announcements and communications with teams will be made through the Discord. You may use the ticketing system in the discord to contact the organizers with any questions. While organizers may give clarifications to challenge parameters when asked, it is highly unlikely that hints will be given through tickets. We may release hints for challenges that remain unsolved for a significant amount of time. If so, an announcement will be made in the announcements channel.

Rule 5: Don't hoard flags

Flag hoarding is a practice where teams submit all their flags in one go at the end of the CTF. Violators will be met with point penalties at the organizers' discretion for doing so.